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What is the truth about the ACI GOLD Financial in the Staking project?

ACI GOLD Digital Wallet

ACI Gold Digital Wallet

Send Money

Send Money

Ease to send your digital assetsat the lowest cost, fast and secure in realtime.

Safe & Reliable

Safe & Reliable

ACI GOLD Digital Wallet is built with world-class security technology with a network system that is monitored 24 hours.

Receive Money

Receive Money

Receiving money transacting for business, the ACI GOLD allows receiving digital assets with a wallet address.

How it works ACI Digital Wallet

$ACI Digital Wallet is an application or program that allows you to send and receive digital ACI GOLD assets, ACI GOLD. The wallet also tracks your $ACI or BTC balance which is stored in one or more $ACI Token addresses. In general, the wallet also has a feature that stores your transaction history.

At present, only about one third of World have bank accounts. Among these people, peer to peer money transfers require high costs when between rival banks. Not to mention, two-thirds of Japanese cannot transfer peer to peer money at all because their wealth is trapped in cash.

We solve this problem by enabling to convert their cash or money in bank accounts into digital assets. By holding their USDT in the form of digital assets called $ACI 4, which are built on (BEP20) Binance Blockchain, can transfer their money anywhere in the world, at any time, at zero cost.

Research & Development

R & D Team Groups, We will continue to improve and build innovative designs to further strengthen our presence in this industry. Employing unlimited limitations of the 'Internet of Things' on new discoveries that will increase ACI Tokens to new levels of innovation.

$ACI Token Digital Wallet

Hundreds of companies in the field of financial technology (fintech) are trying to fill a large market niche in World. One of them is $ACI Digital Wallet, start-up fintech is present with the aim of increasing financial inclusion in the country, through payment services and non- cash and non-card transactions.

$ACI Digital Wallet provides an open platform infrastructure for payments, which allows all users, both from the merchant and consumer side to conduct non-cash and non-cash transactions easily, safely and efficiently.

The concept of the Digital Wallet $ACI open platform can be integrated with the merchant platform and other payment channels. As a digital wallet, the Digital Wallet $ACI can be utilized by various sectors, including education, public services, social services, to street vendors to support each transaction easily and safely.

$ACI Token Fintech

For Online services, because it is integrated on the merchant platform, users can process payments using the Digital $ACI Wallet easily and safely without having to leave the merchant platform. Digital Wallet $ACI account users will also be automatically synchronized directly at various $ACI merchants. One wallet, for all needs at various merchants.

$ACI also has a Data Center (DC) and Data Recovery Center (DRC) in Asia, which is one of the most sophisticated and capable DC and DRC in handling high transaction scalability. With high technology, $ACI is able to carry out sophisticated risk management to protect users.

To provide an initial experience to the community, currently $ACI Digital Wallet has offered several services to support various electronic transactions, such as e-commerce transactions, credit top-ups, payment of electricity bills, and other transactions in several applications.


$ 2.3 Billion


$ 3.0 Billion


+$ 1,600


3,600 Jobs


our working process in 11 steps

Technological process in the ACI Bullion Resources Project, through several stages of mining technology in accordance with international standardization


ISO 26000

ISO 26000

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to improve our accountability and transparency

Economic Impact

Economic Impact

ACI Bullion Resources Project represents a direct investment will have a significant economic impact



The ACI Gold mining project was thought of as a development engine for the entire community of ACI Bullion Resources.